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Dine in or takeaway from our conservative  yet made fresh every day meals. 

We offer Procol Full Cream Milk

Procol Light Milk

Milk Lab Lactose Free Milk

Milk Lab Almond Milk

Alternative Barista Oat Milk

Bonsoy Milk

DeCide on Breakfast



 White  or Multigrain 

Sourdough - $8.0

with jam, marmalade, honey, peanut butter or vegemite



Egg & Bacon - 12.0

Ham and Swiss Cheese-$11.0

Ham, Swiss Cheese and Tomato $12.0


Ham and Cheese-$9.0

Ham, Swiss Cheese and Tomato-$10.5


bacon, mixed lettuce and tomato sandwich or roll

Egg & Bacon Roll or Sandwich-$11.0


cream cheese-$7.0

egg & bacon - 12.0

avocado and cream cheese -$8.50

avocado, rockets and feta cheese-$11.0

bacon, avocado, cheese and tomato-$12.5

smoked salmon, alfalfa, baby Capers and cream cheese- $13.5

DeGusto Toasty-$11.5

fried egg, tomato relish, tasty cheese and spinach

The Docks Toasty-$13.0

bacon, tasty cheese, tomato and avocado


Green Eggs Wrap-$16.5

toasted tortilla wrap with scrambled eggs,

basil pesto, spinach and avocado

Eggs on Toast-$14.0

fried, scrambled or poached eggs

with bacon-$20.0

Eggs Benedict-$19.5

poached eggs and grilled ham on toasted

English muffins with hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine-$16.0

poached eggs and wilted spinach on toasted

English muffins with hollandaise sauce

with ham-$20.00

with bacon-$22.0

with smoked salmon-$22.0


Brioche French Toast-$21.0

Served with caramelized banana and strawberry, topped with maple syrup

Avocado Salad-$17.0

with feta cheese, grilled tomato, mixed leaves and basil pesto on sourdough toast

Vegetarian Breakfast-$29.0

poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, grilled mushrooms,

spinach, hash brown and avocado served on sourdough toast

Big Breakfast-$30.0

eggs to your liking, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, grilled mushroom and hash brown served on sourdough toast


Smoked Salmon - $7.00

Bacon - $7.00

Chorizo - $6.00

Mushrooms - $6.00

Avocado - $4.00

Feta cheese- $4.00

Egg - $4.00

Hash Brown - $2.50

Grilled Tomato - $2.50

Spinach - $2.50

Hollandaise Sauce - $2.50

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