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Dine in or takeaway



Wagyu Beef/Chicken/Vegie Burgers, Rolls, Sandwiches, Wraps,

Chicken Schnitzel,

Grilled Chicken,

Fries, Onion Rings, Salad....

Deleve into lunch



Classic Beef Burger-$17.0

with double cheese, tomato, mix lettuce and tomato relish

Degusto Beef Burger-$19.0

with egg, bacon, tomato, mixed lettuce and tomato sauce

Aussie Beef Burger-$19.0

with egg, bacon, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, mixed lettuce

and tomato sauce

Americana Beef Burger-$18.0

with tomato, bacon, double cheese, dill cucumber, mixed lettuce,

Americana mustard and tomato sauce



Classic Chicken Burger-$17.5

with tomato, double cheese, spinach and mayonnaise

Degusto Chicken Burger-$18.5

with avocado, tomato, dill cucumber, mixed lettuce

and mayonnaise

Chicken Caesar Burger-$19.0

with cos lettuce, egg, bacon, parmesan cheese and

Caesar dressing

Chicken Schnitzel Burger-$16.0

with mixed lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and mayonnaise


Steak Sandwich-$17.0

with onion, tomato, double cheese, mixed lettuce and BBQ sauce

Steak Sandwich with the Lot-$20.0

with egg, bacon, onion, tomato, double cheese, mixed lettuce

and BBQ sauce

The Docks Steak Sandwich-$17.50

with onion, tomato, double cheese, beetroot, spinach and

tomato relish



Veggie Burger-$14.0

with red onion, tomato, cheese, mixed lettuce, mayonnaise

& tomato relish


Mediterranean Veggie Burger-$14.00

with beetroot, carrot & spinach & hummus or tzatziki

Falafel Burger-$14.0

with tomato, carrot, red onion, spinach & tzatziki or hummus


Side of Fries-$4.0

Bowl of Fries-$6.50

Onion Rings-$5.00

Side Salad-$4.50


'Chicken schnitzel' or 'cold chicken' WRAP


The Lot  $16.0

fried egg, bacon, tasty cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato & mayo

Caesar $15.50

bacon, boiled egg, parmesan cheese and cos lettuce 

Pineapple &  Bacon  $15.50

 bacon, pineapple, tasty cheese & mixed leaves

Avocado  $15.00

 avocado, tomato, mixed leaves and mayonnaise

Creamy Tzatziki  $14.0

 tomato, red onion, iceberg lettuce & tzatziki dressing

Spicy Coleslaw $14.0

housemade spicy colesaw, Maxed leaves and DeGusto Special Sauce

Chicken Sandwich or Roll

Cold Chicken     from $9.0

Half Schnitzel    from  $11.0

Full Schnitzel     from  $14.0


Chicken Schnitzel (half) with Chips                   $14.0     

with Salad                                                              $15.0

Chicken Schnitzel (Full) with Chips                    $17.0

 with Salad                                                             $18.0



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